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gloMinerals has developed an exclusive formulation by selecting the best quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients including antioxidants, vitamins C, A, K, E and green tea extracts to improve the health and condition of the skin. Minerals-based makeup provides excellent coverage for all skin conditions offering antioxidant benefits along with UV protection. Innovative products are continually being cultivated for the gloMinerals makeup line, pioneering new ways to bring mineral based makeup options to customers.

gloMinerals is applied with little effort and conceals flawlessly - letting customers feel confident about their appearance. Whatever your personal makeup style is, gloMinerals offers the look that is right for you. Adara Salon makeup artists have been professionally trained in the gloMinerals product line and can answer all your questions.


gloMinerals all-natural base makeup For every beautiful complexion, there is a perfect blush, a seamless bronzer, or a shimmer powder to highlight and accentuate it. These natural mineral formulas are delivered through a color palette representative of the richest plums, nudes, roses and earth tones.



gloMinerals all-natural makeup for cheeks gloBlush duo is made of compatible pairs chosen to contour and highlight cheeks or blend together for a radiant glow. gloCream blush delivers an instant glow. This creamy formulation can take you from a soft, subtle hint of color during the day to that "wow" look for evening.


Eye Definition

gloMinerals all-natural makeup for eye definitionEven sensitive eyes can achieve a dramatic look with these advanced formulations infused with antioxidants and nutrients, designed for even the most delicate eyes. New innovations in mineral makeup deliver artistic creations that provide vitamin and antioxidant benefits. gloMinerals offers a complete range of eye accentuating products. Each product is designed to complement the next.


Eye Shadow

gloMinerals all-natural eye shadow makeup

The most delicate area of the entire face gets an equally gentle formulation. High pigment eye shadows enable flawless, non-sensitizing blending for expert shading and contour. By using only the highest grade ingredients, skin soothing antioxidants and natural minerals, we are able to deliver rich pigments and hues that are good for the skin.



gloMinerals lip products are formulated to deliver full, luscious lips in colors ranging from natural nudes to calypso pink. gloGloss, gloLip stick, gloLiquid lips and signature gloMoist lip treatment work luxuriously to deliver intense moisture and antioxidant treatment benefits, proving healthy lips and serious lasting color co-exist beautifully.



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